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26th June 2012

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@ Tony @ Lawman @ Loki

Aaah, it’s fine, muchacho, Loki will look after me and make sure I’m not being stupid. I would make a scene but it means hunting down the actual pizza place and shouting at them. That is too far outside.

That is some multitasking skill you got there, Lawman XD

…Are you mocking me, Lokes? Because that’s just mean =P

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    Huh, indeed… I need to lighten up somehow.
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    I think everyone is a bit sad today. Except for the fly buzzing around my room. Bastard is mocking me with his...
  3. starkindustriesonline-archive said: I’m sure he will, but still. Sometimes complaining on the phone or in emails works too. But being in person always makes the best scene.