I'm Kez. I'm British, have tendencies to be sarcastic, cynical and also to make disturbing innuendoes and bizarre references.

I am also, apparently, the "chew toy" or "belonging" of Loki (frostprinceloki) and Tony Stark (starkindustriesonline). I sometimes accidentally roleplay myself but for the most part, this is my personal.

Welcome to the madhouse, kids.

24th September 2012

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If you don’t like Nightwing I’m really sorry.

Especially since maybe two of you understand why the hell this is happening.

It’s happening because you are a bad, bad person XD

Also, DAT ASS.

Excuse me I’m a wonderful person I mean have you seen Dick Grayson?  I hear his cowl is insured for $10,000.  He does justice commercials.  In Gotham.

Tori. Tori, no.

Step away from Nightwing.

Stop reblogging. You’ve gone weirder than normal.

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